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SecureAPlus Updates
SecureAPlus v4.2.4 Update
We have received feedback from users regarding the error code 123 that they have been receiving lately and this issue has been fixed in this update. Therefore, you still enjoy maximum protection with SecureAPlus! Just remember to restart your computer after updating! :)

SecureAPlus v424 Update.png 202.82 KB

What’s new:
  • Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Added CyberFox browser, Pale Moon browser, Vivaldi browser, IZArc, PowerArchiver into restricted application list.
  • Select offline AV engine from the Scan Settings.
  • Added “Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG” into trusted certificate list.
  • Added .docm, .xlsm, .pptm, .dot, dotm, .ws, .wsf, .msh, as included file type for real-time scanning.

Bugs Fixed:
  • Unable to retrieve scan result. Error code: 123.
  • Application Notification help was not shown properly in some languages.
  • Unable to show license expiry date in Japanese language.
  • Typo: “Licese” changed to “License”
  • Overwritten file was not rescanned by the real-time scanning.
  • On the select all checkbox, when clicking on the right line of the checkbox, the sorting arrow will be shown on the top of the checkbox.
  • Crash in sanotifier.

  • Change the About page to a single page, without tab.
  • Resize some buttons to fit some foreign language text.
  • Resize software update notification for German language.
  • Resize Finish Installation dialog to fit Polish translation.
  • Changed Polish translation from “Powtórz skanowanie” to “Powtórz skan”.
  • When expanding the last item “Detected By” in the UAV, set the scroll bar to the bottom.
  • Position the main console at the center of the screen.
SecureAPlus v4.2.3 Update
If you know us well enough, we hardly do 2 updates within a month (the previous update, v4.2.2 was just 9 days ago). However, we quickly received some feedback from users e.g. translation error or computer hang. The team quickly got together and discussed the possible solutions to those issues and did a few rounds of testing to ensure that the computer hang issue is solved. Special thanks to those who dropped us an email regarding any issue with v4.2.2. With that, we rolled out SecureAPlus v4.2.3 to make sure that all users will remain protected and that you will have no issue with the current version! :)

SecureAPlus v423 Update.png 204.55 KB

What’s new:
  • Chinese Traditional translation
  • ClamAV engine v0.99.2
  • 7-Zip v16.0

Bugs Fixed:
  • Unable to add a drive letter in the exclusion list.
  • Hang in some machines that is running the Windows version that is lower than Windows 10.
  • If Universal AV is unable to parse the response file from the server, instead of showing Good News, it will display an error message in the main console.

  • Cached UAV engines.
  • Updated Indonesian translation.
  • Set Good News font bigger.
  • Set Good News dialog size according to the language.
  • Set default directory for file browser dialog to user’s home directory.
  • Change “Beenden” to “Installieren”
SecureAPlus Now Localized in Other Languages
Fully Translated Client in 3 Languages.png 245.73 KB

With the latest version update, SecureAPlus introduces Indonesian, Japanese and Polish language support to address its growing yet diverse user base.

12 May 2016, Singapore – SecureAge Technology has released an update to SecureAPlus, a PC security solution that combines multiple cloud anti-viruses with Universal AV and its powerful Application Whitelisting, to add support for multiple languages.

SecureAPlus has been available at no cost to the public through its Freemium model since August 2013. Since then, it has been consistently improving and adding better security features to protect PCs against viruses and malware. The release of the latest version, SecureAPlus 4.2.2, marks the first time the application whitelisting software will be available in any language other than English.

A month after releasing the revamped user interface (UI), SecureAPlus has enjoyed a surge in the number of new users daily. This has also garnered significant interest from segments of users who do not have English as their primary language.

According to Cabrina Yeo, Marketing Executive of SecureAge Technology, “we have received numerous requests to localize SecureAPlus into more languages, so we took the recently concluded Beta as an opportunity to reach out to our most dedicated users to help with translation.”

With the help of the growing SecureAPlus community, the translation of the application and its online pages into various major languages is ongoing. While different languages will be added over time, customer support of SecureAge Technology remains in English. This is something the company is setting its sights on improving once the user base grows further.

The latest version of SecureAPlus is now fully available in Indonesian, Japanese, and Polish. It is also partially available in French and German with more languages to be added in the future.

SecureAPlus v4.2.2 Update
This update has a lot of fixes due to the previous giveaways we have done. Users have provided us with a lot of wonderful feedback and suggestions to help improve SecureAPlus. In addition, this update marks the start of localization and we are looking forward to work with more translators to help bring SecureAPlus to their country! :)

SecureAPlus v422 Update.png 202.78 KB

What's new:
- Translation for the following languages: Polish, Indonesian, Japan, French, German. 
- User is able to set the language from the settings.
- More log for manual scanner. The log location is at %appdata%\SecureAge Technology\SecureAge\log
- Add regsvr32 /i in the command line rule.
- Add script rule. Interpreter: regsvr32.exe, extension: .sct.
- Added error message when Real-time rescan failed.
- Automatic retry rescan when it failed. Wait for 6 seconds before retry.

Bugs fixed:
- Crash in SecureAPlus.exe when it is unable to communicate with the server. This bug starts from v4.2.1.
- Crash in Windows 2016 Technical Preview version 5, when Windows is accessing a volume with ReFS file system.
- "Show all trust level" was not working properly if drive is selected (Reference:
- Typo: "machie", changed to "machine"
- When setting a trust level of a file, and there are sub folders present, it is slow (e.g. when set trust level for notepad.exe in Windows folder), because it accidentally enumerates to the sub folders.
- When license expired detected during initial full system scan, the animation will continuously shows scanning in progress.
- Universal AV unable to display an infected file if it is in the Windows protected folder, where user account do not have access rights to the folder.
- In 32-bit OS, account page was not shown.

- Initially, instead of showing that UAV will be started shortly, it will show the drives that it will scan.
- User is allowed to delete his/her own account from the trusted user list only if there is "Administrators" group in the trusted group list.
- Improve GUI responsiveness while it is quarantining files in the manual scanning.
- Slow down when launching LibreOffice 5 on Windows 7, if real-time scanning is enabled. Improve the speed.
- Change "Notifications" to "Language & Notifications"
- Change "Rescan using Universal AV" to "Real time rescan with Universal AV"
- Change "Any possible action" to "Let trusted user decide"
- Change "Each rule is targeted for one process and one of the specific parameter that passed to the process" to "Modify Application Whitelisting rules for command line to enhance protection against fileless attacks. Each rule is targeted for one process and one specific parameter that is passed to that process only.  Add multiple rules for the same process if necessary."
- Change “Your software is up to date. Reboot is required.” to “You software has been updated. A reboot is required.”
SecureAPlus for Education
SecureAPlus For Education Redeem Instructions.png 589.36 KB

We apologized for the lack of updates recently as we have been really busy with all the various partnerships and also, localization :) Yes, we are working closely with some translators from different parts of the world and we are really thankful for the help thus far. What languages we will be releasing in the upcoming update? That's for you to find out in the next update!

The main focus of this update is SecureAPlus for Education! We protect your hard work to secure your future. Get 2 Years (usual 1 Year) of SecureAPlus Freemium when you sign up with your school email*. It's really that simple to get 2 Years of Freemium for free without paying a single cent! For further instructions on how to redeem SecureAPlus Education license, visit

Now, you can devote all your time to studies while SecureAPlus does all the work behind the scene to protect your school work ;) (guess you have to find another reason when you can't submit your work, perhaps eaten by your dog? Just kidding!)

*Email domain suffixes that support automatic Freemium license upgrades upon creation are .edu & .ac only at present. If your school uses a different domain suffix, please contact us at
SecureAPlus v4.2.1 Update
Since our launch of new SecureAPlus, this is the first update. Look forward to more updates as we start to introduce more features in the next few months. We are getting really busy this year! :)

SecureAPlus v421 Update.png 200.38 KB

What’s new:
  • Added “View via browser” at “Info & Licenses”->”Account”
  • When the server returns an error because the license has been activated too many times, it will display a hyperlink to support page that shows how to transfer license
  • Whitelist command line. This feature is only available at Windows Vista onwards
  • Added script, jp2launcher.exe (interpreter), .jnlp (extension)

Bugs Fixed
  • sanotifier crash when user close the application whitelisting dialog while rescanning is in progress.
  • 32-bit Manual scanner was not able to run because some dlls were not included in 32-bit version.
  • SecureAPlus.exe was not able to run in Vista. This bug is started from SecureAPlus version 3.5.2
  • Exclude a folder and return to the Quarantine & History > Ignored, it does not show the excluded path.
  • For non-trusted account users, main GUI is set to Interactive and the tray icon shows Lockdown.
  • Whitelist Manager does not close when user clicks on “Ok” button.
  • Trust level did not change when modified from Whitelist Manager

  • If Offline AV and UAV are used, but it is not able to connect to the server, it will display that the scanning is only done by Offline AV.
  • Change the auto full system scan interval to 4 hours.
SecureAPlus v4.2.0 Update
Introducing the new SecureAPlus V4.2.0. Bid goodbye to the old interface and say hello to new and better SecureAPlus interface! As we are revamping the new interface, we always keep in mind to make it easy to the users to use it and we are glad to see many compliments about the new interface. This makes all our effort worth it! :)

SecureAPlus v420 Update.png 201.49 KB

What’s new:
  • Revamped Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • SecureAPlus Account Login Option within the Client
  • Option to Change Notification Area
  • ClamAV Engine Version 0.99.1

Bugs Fixed:
  • BSOD: BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff8017c457b03, ffffd000218b7b30, 0}
  • Scheduled chkdsk was not able to run.

  • Reduce 7-zip CPU resource consumption
SecureAPlus Re-Launches with New User-Friendly Interface & Limited Exclusive License for First-Time Users
SecureAPlus-Main-Console.png 133.42 KB

15 March 2016, Singapore – SecureAge Technology, a data protection solutions provider, today announced the re-launch of its application whitelisting and anti-virus software, SecureAPlus, with a modern and user-friendly interface, improved performance, and an exclusive 15-month license for new users who install it during the first month.

Depending on the source, hundreds of thousands of new viruses and malware are released daily. This number can reach close to a million new threats everyday with no signs of slowing down. While the traditional anti-virus has managed to prevent common threats from infecting PC devices, this has lagged behind more sophisticated and targeted threats that can harm enterprise and home users.

By combining multiple anti-viruses engines in the cloud, SecureAPlus seeks to further close the gap between thedetection rates of traditional anti-viruses while providing a solution to false positives (also known as false detections or false alarms). The Universal AV feature combines the detections of up 12 reputable anti-virus engines while keeping system performance impact low by conducting the scans in the cloud.

However, the core protection that SecureAPlus brings to the table is its Application Whitelisting, which recognizes and only allows user-trusted files and applications to run on their computer. This block-first unless trusted approach closes all the gaps left by anti-viruses. This means that threats that get past initial detection rates and immediately cripple anti-viruses are unable to freely unload their package without alerting the user.

The combination of these 2 features merges whitelisting and blacklisting (anti-viruses) approaches to PC security. Users also have the option of keeping any existing anti-virus or anti-malware software while using SecureAPlus.

Fresh out of an extensive beta testing period, the latest version of SecureAPlus further improves it security proposition by providing a modern user interface that highlights the strengths of both its whitelisting and blacklisting approach.

According to Dr. Ngair Teow-Hin, CEO of SecureAge Technology, “We believe that SecureAPlus represents the next generation anti-malware platform that can really protect users from infection regardless of whether it is advanced, zero-day or targeted attacks”.

The revamped user interface is now available for download. New users who install the software by 15 April 2016 will get a 15-month Freemium license to celebrate the re-launch of SecureAPlus.

About SecureAPlus

SecureAPlus is a free security software developed by SecureAge Technology that protects PCs from malware & viruses with its powerful but easy to use Application Whitelisting, and reliable detection rates of more than 10 cloud Anti-Virus engines with Universal AV. It leverages the power of the cloud allowing for low resources used and compatibility with other installed anti-virus and anti-malware applications, making it the perfect security upgrade for any Windows PC.

New SecureAPlus is Available for Open Beta
SecureAPlus-Open-Beta.png 249.08 KB

Get Early Access Today

If you're interested, the New SecureAPlus is already available as part of our Open Beta. You can download it now by visiting our revamped website. The Open Beta period will end at 14 March!

New-SecureAPlus-Launch-Slideshow.gif 639.97 KB

The New SecureAPlus is almost here for everyone to enjoy. It is with great joy and pride that we can finally say that SecureAPlus 4 is launching on 15 March 2016.

We are very excited to be launching SecureAPlus 4 after months of preparation. This would not have been possible without the awesome feedback and suggestions we have been receiving from all of you to make it an even better security software for everyone! We have a few features that are still in the pipeline for future releases so do keep a look out for our progress! :)
SecureAPlus v3.5.2 Update on 16 February (Tue)
Despite being busy with the current SecureAPlus Beta, we have never neglected the existing SecureAPlus and continued to improve on it before we moved on to the new SecureAPlus that will be released in March. 
SecureAPlus v352 Update.png 176.29 KB

Here are some updates for SecureAPlus v3.5.2

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed the problem of uploading files with Russia characters
  • SecureAPlus ID was not created when the "About" page is opened.  

  • Remove Application Whitelisting Settings from the tray icon's context menu
  • user mode application was signed using dual sign, SHA1 and SHA2

What's new
  • Added script rule for .hta file

Remember to restart your computer for the changes to kick in once you have updated!
What? I can help decide what feature to add to SecureAPlus Portal?
Well, this sounds like a pretty good deal right? 
giphy (9).gif 188.13 KB

SecureAPlus Team is always finding ways to help improve our user experience with SecureAPlus and this is mainly done by listening and gathering feedback from our beloved users and that's YOU! :) 

This year, besides launching the new SecureAPlus, we are looking to improve our SecureAPlus Portal. We have a list of features that have been brainstormed within the team or suggested by our current users. Now, it's the time to tell us what you really want that will increase the value of SecureAPlus Portal for you.  

Introducing the list of features... 

1.  Remote Application Control & Whitelisting
Allow, block, delete, ignore, or quarantine files and processes on your PC from the SecureAPlus Portal while you are away from it. Useful for when you leave your PC's turned on.

2.  Online Parental Controls
Designate installations of SecureAPlus as parent and child machines determining the level of access to SecureAPlus features on a device level.

3.  Online Switching of SecureAPlus Modes
Remotely switch your computer to Lockdown mode. Switching your computer to Lockdown mode affects all other accounts in the same PC and is an effective measure against other users (e.g. your children) from installing unauthorized software.

4.  Upload & Download Central Application Whitelist
Easily use and share a central whitelist across all your other PCs with SecureAPlus installed.

5.  Scan Individual Files or smaller disk on the Portal
Have the ability to do scanning of any files or maybe even a small disk using an online scanner within the SecureAPlus Portal.

6.  Earn Money through a Referral Program
Refer and convert users to paying customers of SecureAge Technology to earn/get paid a commission.

7.  Mobile Application of the SecureAPlus Portal
Instead of visiting the page, SecureAPlus account holders can login and use all features of the Portal via an iOS or Android Application.

8.  Secure Cloud Storage
Add an encrypted cloud storage component for SecureAPlus that can be accessed and managed through the SecureAPlus Portal.

9.  Localized Version of the SecureAPlus Portal
Have a dedicated version of the SecureAPlus portal that is localized in your language (if it is not in English).

10.  Portable Online Scanner
Have a browser version of Universal AV (similar to VirusTotal) that will allow you to upload and scan any file or folder maximum size will be imposed) on any PC platform (including Mac & Mobile) from the SecureAPlus Portal. 

So, which one has caught your attention? ;)
[ENDED] Lunar New Year SecureAPlus Premium Sales - Going at 68% OFF!
SecureAPlus CNY Promo Banner.png 325.9 KB

Enjoy the road to prosperity and better security in the Year of Monkey by getting SecureAPlus Premium at a massive & auspiciously lucky discount! 

Get Premium for as low as $3.50 per PC/Year

Get 68% Off any SecureAPlus Premium package and enjoy the following exclusive features: 
  • 24/7 Security Notifications - Receive notifications with around-the-clock protection for 7 days a week even if you are not on your PC or your PC is off!
  • Multi-PC Security Updates - Get an overview of security status of more than one device. Saving your time to check it one by one.
  • Priority Scanning/Support - Get faster scans and dedicated email support from SecureAPlus Team. 

Offer valid till 9 February, Tuesday! 
SecureAPlus Beta v4.1.5 Release on 3 February (Wed)!
It has been near to a month since our previous SecureAPlus Beta release. Bidding goodbye to Round 2 testing, we are moving on to Phase 3 and most likely the last round as we prepare for the new SecureAPlus launch! 
giphy (8).gif 478.91 KB

Introducing some of the new updates for this release:

New SecureAPlus Settings Window
Untitled-4.gif 3.55 MB

Yes, at the start of the SecureAPlus Beta, we kept receiving bug reports mentioning about the settings showing up as the old version. We have finally made it possible for you to tweak the Settings with the new main console along with some new options unique to this latest version. 

Plenty of Application whitelisting Settings
SecureAPlus Beta - Application Whitelisting.PNG 77.51 KB

THIS! Our core component and feature of SecureAPlus! While designing the main console, we kept in mind to make things simple for the average Joe so we segregated the in-depth settings to the straightforward ones that the novice user should look into. 

New Customizable Notification Locations
This was previously released as a sneak preview. Now, no more sneak preview! It's live in action at the Beta! This is one of the popular and hot demands from the users. Now, you can see SecureAPlus notification at one of the corners of the screen. Using SecureAPlus with other Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software is definitely going to be a whole lot easier since our notifications will no longer overlap if you choose another location. 

Info & Licenses Just Got More Useful
SecureAPlus Beta - Info and Licenses.PNG 50.47 KB

We have added the option to login and easily attach the device to your existing SecureAPlus Account. This might spare us of some email support time answering users question about linking up SecureAPlus to account :P Of course, we always welcome any email from you since it gives the opportunity to interact with you and get the best feedback! You can still pair it the old way via SecureAPlus Portal but having this option in the main console makes it so much easier! 

Initial Whitelisting Got an Overhaul
SecureAPlus Beta - Initial Full System Scan.PNG 49.94 KB

If possible, we highly recommend you uninstalling and reinstalling SecureAPlus once again just to get that chance to view the new look of Initial Full System & Whitelisting. We have included some tips to help speed up your experience with Initial Full System Scan. Now, it's more friendly and informative! You wonder why Initial Full System Scan takes a while and sometimes, it scared the users away? Read it here about what we have to say regarding Initial Full System Scan. 

Get your update of this SecureAPlus Beta v4.1.5 either: 
(1) autoupdating to the latest version (easiest method and you get a surprise after the update!), 
(2) clicking the sidebar Software Update button of the SecureAPlus Home Screen or 
(3) downloading from the Beta Section of the Portal and clicking Beta Program Download. 
We're Back Online to Protect Your PC!
SecureAPlus-Server Upgrade Done.png 142.12 KB

SecureAPlus servers are finally back online and they're better than ever at handling your requests! 

New downloads and installs of SecureAPlus are now possible once again. Connections to our servers are now handled by newer hardware. This means that our scans should be better and a bit more consistent throughout in terms of speed. Of course, your internet connections will play a huge role but overall things should run smoother. 

We appreciate your patience on the matter and we hope that you will continue to use SecureAPlus to protect your Windows PC. 

Also, the new SecureAPlus is getting closer to launch and we have more in store for you this year so expect your experience to get better and better with SecureAPlus! 
giphy (7).gif 3.15 MB

And yes, we are looking forward to see your above expression as the launch approach nearer and nearer ;)
27 January - Intermittent Server Downtime
Starting from 27 January 12pm GMT+8 (Tuesday)

SecureAPlus-Server Upgrade-2.png 148 KB

We will completely disable access to the SecureAPlus servers. New installs of SecureAPlus may not be possible even if users already have the installers.

While Universal AV's scanners and upload to VirusTotal are unavailable (you will see an error message where the diagnosis is usually displayed), Application Whitelisting & Optional Offline AV will still function as usual. 

giphy (6).gif 628.83 KB

You might be experiencing a myriad of emotions (sad, fear, angry and disgust) of not knowing what to do with Universal AV's scanners and upload to VirusTotal unavailable. We have some tips for you in lieu of the server maintenance:

  1. Total control & protection with SecureAPlus' block-first approach (aka Application Whitelisting) will still be active despite unavailability of the Universal AV.
  2. Switch to Lockdown mode to ensure that untrusted applications and processes do not run.
  3. Strongly advise you to avoid installing and trusting new applications if you can.

Your Patience is Much Appreciated!

We apologized for any inconvenience that this maintenance may cause and rest assured that this will not be a regular occurence and is strictly done to better improve your experience with SecureAPlus! 

We will keep you updated with another announcement when our server upgrade is completed!
Testing of SecureAPlus on 22 January 2016
We have extracted a folder containing 8 malware samples found from Malwaretips (uploaded 22 January 2016).

Let's see how well SecureAPlus manual (right click any file/folder and click scan) Virus Scanner performs...
SecureAPlus Manual Virus Scanner.gif 4.14 MB

So are you impressed by SecureAPlus multi Anti-Virus engines? 
P.S. We have 12 Anti-Virus Engines in one application, running in real-time!
giphy (4).gif 643.57 KB

So let's say if you scanned 8 files, only 7 detected as viruses. What about the remaining 1? Is it a virus or not? 
Well, stay tune for the next update! ;)
Evolution of SecureAPlus
Talking about evolution reminded us of Pokemon. 
giphy (3).gif 738.84 KB

Now, looking back at when we first started SecureAPlus, we have came a long way and evolved quite a few times? Especially in terms of the main console appearance and the features! Of course, the evolutions didn't happened solely based on the effort of SecureAPlus Team but also based on our users' valuable feedback! 💪

Now, let us take a walk down the evolution of SecureAPlus. 

SecureAPlus Version 1
Released in 2013
SecureAPlus v1.jpg 210.12 KB

This was the simple and classic Windows look of our first SecureAPlus main console. 
The first main feature introduced to our users was Application Whitelisting and that it's one of the simplest Application Whitelisting around! While building it, we kept in mind that this has to be easy for end users to use it without feeling as though this is only for the IT experts. 😉 SecureAPlus is for everyone! 

SecureAPlus Version 2
Released in 2014
SecureAPlus v2.png 26.42 KB

We decided to add some colours into our main console. For this release, we have added a new security feature, Universal AV (patent-pending). It provides a continuous and automatic scanning of all the program files (executables) on your computer by 12 Anti-Virus engines in the cloud ☁️. 

SecureAPlus Version 3 
Coming soon in 2016
SecureAPlus v3.png 60.92 KB

We are really looking forward to the day of releasing it to the public! We are now still in the beta phase and getting a lot of feedback here and there. We are also making a lot of minor changes to the look of the main console to make it more consistent and neater! 
For this new release, we will be adding quite a few features - on-demand scanner, notifications' positions and many more! 

So, are you excited for the upcoming SecureAPlus release? 😃 
[ATTENTION] 20 January, 12PM GMT+8 - Stopping New Downloads
giphy (2).gif 334.58 KB

We will be disabling new SecureAPlus downloads (including Beta) starting from today, 12pm (GMT+8). 

Those who have already downloaded the installer will still be able to install SecureAPlus till we begin to disable the servers for proper upgrading.
Sneak Preview of SecureAPlus Beta Updates - Notifications Positions
SecureAPlus Team has been working crazily on the new SecureAPlus UI and here is a sneak preview of our recent update that is only available to the internal team. However, we can't wait to share it with you soon!

SecureAPlus Notifications Positions.gif 711.59 KB

We have received feedback about the position of the notifications. The usual SecureAPlus notifications will appear on right bottom corner but might be covered over by other antivirus' notifications. Therefore, with the new beta update, you can select the location you prefer SecureAPlus notifications to appear on your PC screen ;) 

Winner for SecureAPlus 1,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway
SecureaAPlus 1K FB Fans Giveaway-Winners-1.png 59.76 KB

Congratulations to the last Perpetual License winner for SecureAPlus 1K Facebook Fans Giveaway! 

We will be sending out the 18 Months Premium License to the remaining participants who have keyed in their email in the right format and Perpetual License to the winners soon!

Thank You.gif 973.78 KB

SecureAPlus sincerely thanks everyone for your support and participation and we will definitely be back for more giveaways! :) It's also our first time using a 3rd party app - Gleam for giveaway and we have received feedback regarding the mechanics of the giveaway. We will seek to improve the giveaway mechanics, making the process smoother and easier to redeem giveaway.
20 January - New Downloads Disabled
Starting from 20 January 12pm GMT+8 (Wednesday)

SecureAPlus-Server Upgrade-1.png 131.79 KB

We will be temporarily disabling new downloads of the SecureAPlus (including Beta) installers as we prepare to upgrade to newer & faster hardware.

People who have already downloaded the installer will still be able to install SecureAPlus till we begin to disable the servers for proper upgrading.